Think of us as a vibrant, agile extension to your marketing team.

We’ve been delivering memorable web experiences since 1999, and we go far further than many other digital agencies by working in partnership with many of our clients to design and execute ongoing integrated communication plans.

A team of 22 experts in our field; talented web programmers, web developers, designers and project managers we work together as a team to deliver high quality and effective results.

We’re currently undergoing significant growth and we aim to maintain our position as a significant player on a global digital stage. The company’s strengths are based on a combination of business and marketing know-how, combined with the skills of our digital team and their commitment to achieve clients business objectives.

The Senior solution

We’re constantly working on methods to improve our effectiveness and our vision as an agency within an ever evolving industry.

We’ve listened to feedback from our clients who all said they wanted to know more about what we were doing and who to speak to about ideas. The result is a new website called my.senior where you can find out more about us. All of the studio has had an input towards its creation so it reflects our teams vision and ambition. Our plan is to grow the River community for the greater good of all of our clients and our teams. We’ve showcased all of our modules, given you details of our ongoing developments and plan to give you the opportunity to shape our future.

Our aims

The aim of the new my.senior website is to offer care and support to our exclusive list of current clients. For example, in the past our clients have struggled with coming up with new ideas or adding fresh developments to their websites- so we’ve created our ‘What’s Now’ section. This offers up-to-the-minute hints and tips on what’s happening at Senior as well as in the industry as a whole. my.senior is where we will provide breaking news, events and the new modules we have to offer. You are invited to Meet the Team to find out the best person to help your website grow!

Over the next five years our aim is to expand River to be one of the industry leading CMS platforms for not only the membership community but the host of other businesses who strive for quality and excellence in their website.

my.senior is a website which has been designed for you. We encourage you to have your say on new ideas and improvements on what could make Senior Internet's service the best they can be. If you see something you like, or something we could improve, please let us know!