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11 August 2016

Latest 2016 River Updates




-         Added Id to listings export

-         Made the image url not get set to the thumbnail when saving a listing revision


-         New news api


-         Added VAT Rate as editable textbox in ticket types section of Events edit screen (River)

-         Added callback for booking widget

-         Added validation to events occurrence backend

-         Showing (Events 1) deleted items that shouldn't be showing in the Export options of bookings

Media Manager

-         css fix for media manager was not displaying all folders


-         Added 3000 character length limit to comments


-         Display failed emails for site

-         Events: Fix to call events API in ie 9 and lower

-         Events: Export code

-         Map: Updated offset on pin for duplicate lat/lng

-         Wysiwyg: make wysiwyg document insert replace highlighted text if there is any

-         Added export button to custom reports and tied up to admin front end button click