BSDA: Stakeholder engagement campaign


The soft drinks industry has been motivated over the past few years into reducing the levels of sugar and calorie content in products. BSDA’s 2016 campaign used bold, full page graphics and a fresh style to demonstrate the positive efforts of the soft drinks industry, as well as its other achievements in the areas of education, employment and the environment.


The aim was to present BSDA’s recent data to MPs so it was vital it looked professional, vibrant and accessible. Infographics displayed stats in an engaging, easily digestible way and an environmentally friendly, sustainable matt paper stock showcased radiant, lively photography and graphics.


With the unhealthy effects of sugar more and more under the microscope of the public eye, the BSDA will continue to work to provide up-to-date industry information in the most accurate way for their audience. This will mean more campaigns and more on- and offline content. We’re currently working to create campaigns that portray a refined style without taking away from the BSDA’s crisp, vibrant design.

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