Conference packages



The modern event attendee is now using mobiles, tablets and other small screen devices to book events. Your members have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing which event or conference to attend due to an increase in the number of organisations offering events as part of their membership package.

Providing your members and site users with a custom landing page for your conferences and events is a great way to boost attendance and provide an easily accessible hub for your event.

A compelling landing page will greatly improve user experience, and provide visitors with key information on your event’s programme, details about the venue, speaker and sponsor biographies and even an hourly or daily countdown to the big day. Use of engaging, branded graphics and high quality images from previous events, speakers, or venues will give your occasion a professional, successful air.

Case study: STEP Global Congress

We have created engaging, practical conference and events sections for membership organisations in various sectors, including the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, the Association of Mathematics and the eBusiness Club, leading to increased booking and enhanced user experience through the introduction of creative templates. All events sections and landing pages will be fully responsive, enabling all of your visitors can book on without any issues.

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners' Global Congress is an annual global event. It was imperative that the site be vibrant and engaging and the branding matched that of their main site, while providing a vital source of event information for their members all over the world.

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