Future developments

We're eager to keep you in the loop about anything new and fresh in the industry or at Senior. We are always looking to add to our variety of modules with the objective of assisting you to deliver your services better and optimise your websites’ performance. This page provides a glimpse into the exciting new developments in progress!

Advanced resource library

The documents available within your current website contain a lot of valuable information, but the search is not intuitive, using a combination of filters to find related results.


We are beginning to equip some of our latest clients’ websites with a brand new feature we’ve developing called FlexMaps. In a nutshell, FlexMaps will: Integrate with and display any data no matter the structure as long as it has lo...

Member star rating system

We’ve been thinking about what would help our clients get in touch with their members more efficiently.

Web stats dashboards

Rather than having to log into your Google Analytics separately, we plan to pull key stats into River admin.

Advanced search module

One of the key objectives for most organisations is to 'be easily navigable and respond to the needs of key audience'


Senior are working on providing a specially designed forum module for membership and non-profit organisations.

RiverCRM - financial integrations

We can announce that the team are currently working on integrating some of the largest payment solutions in the UK with RiverCRM.

River admin panel redesign

We are currently looking at shaking up the style and look of our enterprise content management system, River.

Page builder

This is a new concept currently in the early stages of development, for creating pages that are more modern and flexible.


Flexible, sophisticated and user-friendly, RiverCRM is the perfect database and customer relationship management system.

Advanced events module

A new, more powerful version of our current events module will become available in 2017 so watch this space