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Events help grow your business- by engaging your audience, you can secure new leads, and build relationships with clients. 

Events are useful ways of engaging your audience and generating interest in products or services. Our module can help you to secure new leads, build relationships with clients and grow your business.

Impeccable design and straightforward usability were vital considerations in the module's development. The event manager allows administrators to promote events with stimulating new content, organise bookings and analyse data securely. Attendees can easily book online for themselves and multiple delegates. You can choose to either pay online or through an invoice option.

Any attendance requests or changes in the data are quickly processed through River. There is no need for spreadsheets, as the platform keeps track of all data. This creates significant time savings for businesses.

  • Set delegate rates: Assign rates that are specific to user roles.
  • Easy creation of recurring events: Set dates, locations, prices and times for repeat events.
  • SEO: Change the page URL and set keywords to increase exposure in Google.
  • Attendance management: Centralised delegate data for easy download and analysis. Quickly create event badges and delegate lists.
  • Revisions: Easily revert back to previously saved versions of the event pages.
  • Easily create custom booking forms: Want a new booking form? They can be easily developed in River.
  • Security: Restrict access of events to specific users, or registered members.
  • Manage your attendees: Set event capacities to prevent overbooking and assist in event management.
  • Download data for analysis: Easily export attendee data to assess the success of your event.

"If you want to get lots of your users in the same place at the same time then the Events module will definitely help you out!"

"Set up events quickly and easily in the CMS and place application forms strategically around your site. Once a user has filled out an application it will be sent back to the CMS for review by admins."

"Don’t want to run free events? Not a problem. Events in River are easy to monetise, we work with a wide range of payment providers such as WorldPay and PayPal in order to make taking payments an easy process."