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The Vacancy Manager can help your organisation to promote new opportunities in creative and engaging ways.

Hiring new personnel is always made easier with a presentable layout. The Vacancy Manager within River can help your organisation to promote new opportunities in creative and engaging ways.

The module has a range of functionalities to enable smooth processing of applications. Deadlines can be set so that vacancies expire after a particular date. The application process is also optimised by assigning emails to specific vacancies. This ensures CVs and cover letters are delivered straight into managers' inboxes.

Both Images and video be incorporated into the vacancy pages to create engaging layouts. A jobs page is a gateway to new challenges and new opportunities and organisations should illustrate their philosophy accurately. With River, you can ensure the first interaction candidates have with your organisation is memorable.

  • Respond to applications in River: The Vacancy Manager enables staff to view CVs and cover letters and invite candidates to interviews in just a few clicks.
  • Archive applicant information: Develop a catalogue of prospective future candidates by saving CVs and cover letters.
  • Arrange vacancies by location: Multiple offices? No problem! Use the locations tab to organise your vacancies geographically.

"Our vacancy module allows you to post jobs categorised by department and/or location, giving you flexibility when displaying your jobs and allowing visitors to only view jobs relevant to them." 

"Applications are emailed to your administrators and the application status, such as interview progress and candidate notes, can be logged in your admin panel."

"The module works seamlessly whether you post your own job listings or list vacancies from other websites, allowing you to choose whether you or a 3rd party manage the application on a vacancy by vacancy basis."