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The resource library stores a vast amount of information - we've learnt that finding the right structure to house content can be challenging.

Content is pivotal in the success of websites, but finding the right structure can be a challenging task.

The River library module makes it possible to integrate some of your website's resources into a centralised location. Not only does this save clicks; it often boosts engagement and increases web visitors.

Content can be filtered into different categories. This means you can organise all your PDF's, reports, presentations, white papers, agendas, minutes, research and notes with ease.

Catching and retaining the attention of visitors is crucial for organisations, so why not showcase all of your best content simultaneously?

  • Organise each entry by category: giving your visitors faster access to the information they want by applying filters.
  • Add files to the media manager: make amendments easy by allowing clients to save images and videos for access at any stage.
  • Introduce file downloads: engage your visitors by easily adding file downloads from external locations.
  • Improve security: add non-member and member security permissions to ensure data is kept confidential.
  • Colour-coordinate sections: reinforce your branding by presenting information in your colours.
  • Quick and easy set-up : we will provide a one-off initial CSV import for your data.

"Providing a fast and easy way to view, upload and utilise digital assets is key in a content management system."

"We have created a powerful resource management system that allows images, videos and other resources to be uploaded, categorised, tagged and secured." 

"All items can then be quickly searched for future inclusion in content. Embedding and linking to assets is readily accessible from within the WYSIWG publishing control. The system features inbuilt image resizing for easy manipulation, and items can also be configured to be accessible from the main site search if required." 

"All items are also physically located outside of the website in order to prevent unauthorised access. River resource management puts you in full control of your digital assets."