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Forms allow you to capture data in a non-invasive way and engage with your audience. At a one-off cost, you can build unlimited bespoke forms.

Forms provide a dynamic way to collect data and can support lead generation and continuing professional development while streamlining processes. Bespoke form builders allow businesses to capture data in a non-invasive way and engage with their target market. At a one-off cost, you can build unlimited bespoke forms.

The River form builder module makes it easy to tailor forms to the specific needs of a business. The highly customisable software makes it possible for users to select the exact fields they want to be included. All submissions to the forms are stored within the CMS and can be exported into CSV files for archiving.

This data can then be used to help inform marketing and sales plans, while providing grounds to analyse strategies.

  • Drag and drop feature: quickly and efficiently introduce new features to your site using only your mouse.
  • Detailed form designer: design your form to suit your own needs. Select the exact information you want to capture from your audience. Add tooltips and alter the size of your forms to suit your site's layout.
  • Select preferred field types: choose from a number of field types to make your forms as effective as possible.
  • Form toolbox: customise the structure of your form by defining the size of fields, introduce drop-down lists and enable file uploads.
  • Specify visibility permissions: edit the user experience depending on user role + mandatory and non-mandatory fields.
  • Customisable field options: tailor your confirmation messages and change the visibility of emails.
  • Email confirmations: tailor on-screen and email confirmation messages and specify multiple email addresses.
  • Submissions manager: see all the people who have submitted forms at a glance and export the data to CSV files for easy back-up and analysis.

"With our easy to use drag and drop Form Builder module you can build and edit custom forms for your site. Forms can then be strategically placed around your site ready for your users to fill out and send back to you." 

"Submitted forms are then stored in the CMS and/or sent off to an email address, making Form Builder a great module for those needing to carry out surveys, request feedback or create custom contact forms." 

"The form builder is highly versatile and gives access to many different inputs allowing you to create forms for almost any situation."