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The media manager is a core module which allows you to easily modify a range of files to assist in attracting visitors and generating leads.

The media manager is a core module of River and allows you to easily modify a range of files to assist in attracting visitors and generating leads.

Simple resizing, cropping and editing can all be done in one centralised hub. To improve security, content can be locked down for editing by specific members.

Thanks to the media manager, users do not need to waste time editing media using other software. It can all be completed within the content management system.

  • Easy editing of images: change the title, description, alt tags and size of images without even leaving the CMS.
  • Batch uploading of images: save time by uploading multiple images at once.
  • Introduce new media that is optimised for your layout: add new files from your computer for them to be automatically resized for your website.
  • Locate files easily via advanced search: save time and find files using River' own advanced search tool.
  • Store and utilise a variety of files to enhance your website: images, documents, audio and videos can all be uploaded using the Media Manager.
  • Advanced search: search for files by keywords, category, title or description.
  • Organise content into folders: know the destination of every file by creating easy-to-understand folders.
  • View as thumbnails or in a list: easily scan through thumbnails or lists of your media.
  • Improved accessibility: tag media to ensure quick access to files.

"The media manager is your online bank of images, documents, audio and videos. Pictures from the Media Manager are editable within the module and media can be placed effortlessly across all supported modules giving you the power to easily create a richer site for your visitors."

"For organisational purposes media can be placed in a folder structure and can also be categorised as well as assigning a description and keywords for locating the media item easily in the future."

"Your admin team can upload media in a couple of simple steps with no need to tell the system what kind of media it is and they will also be thankful of being to upload multiple items of media at once. Uploads are automatically optimised for web use saving time for your visitors browsing your website."