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The Quiz module will boost your online presence, encouraging interaction, engagement and sharing; turning visitors into customers.

Interactivity is essential for websites to engage visitors and turn them into customers.

The benefits of the quiz module include improved interaction, engagement and sharing. Quizzes can help to boost your online presence in a fun way and create a buzz around your services.

Quizzes can be informative and educational, or simply fun. They're focused on your customer, rather than you. Whether you want to educate your audience or entertain them, this module makes it easy.

Social media integration and tracking are included, so you can easily analyse the effectiveness of your quiz.

Editing quizzes is also a hassle-free process. Advanced coding is not required to change questions or answers. The River software ensures quizzes can be managed regardless of computer ability.

  • Dynamic quiz development: Create engaging, colourful and creative quizzes to engage audiences.
  • Complete customisation: The content of quizzes is completely customisable. The questions, images and layout can be tailored to your customer base.
  • Track results: All results are represented in pie charts within the CMS for organisations to learn more about their audience.
  • Edit quizzes after launch: Looking to make changes on your quiz after launch? Modifications can be easily made through the CMS.

"The Quiz module pretty much does what it says on the tin! It allows you to create Quizzes for your users to complete and submit. Submitted quizzes are stored in the CMS for you to view at a later date." 

"It may seem like a simple module but with a little imagination the Quiz module can be extremely useful as well as a bit of fun: You could use it to see how much users take in about your site, you could run a competition and pick a winner from the correct answers, you could even use it to find out what sort of people are browsing your site."

"In the past we have even delivered bespoke versions of the quiz module which can automatically profile users who fill in the quiz and fit them into one of a selection of predefined categories. These solutions have provided some very interesting and useful statistics helping our clients further develop their business."