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A great way to stay on a customer's radar, E-alerts allow you to provide your audience with dynamic content in a time-efficient way. 

The E-Alerts module allows you to provide your audience with dynamic content in a time-efficient way.

By enabling users to select their preferred tags, keywords and categories of news and content, audiences can personalise their e-alerts to suit their own preferences.

Daily, weekly or monthly digests of new content can be distributed through the module. This helps to encourage repeat visitors and increases awareness of products and services.

  • Easy subscription: users can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves in one click.

  • No ongoing email cost: only pay once for the e-alert service.

  • Increase audience awareness: help your audience to learn more about your services.

  • No additional administration: E-Alerts are sent out automatically, saving significant admin time.

  • Exportable lists of all contacts: export contact lists for use in other areas of your business.

"Our e-alerts module a really quick way of driving visitors to your website through the quick and easy self-service sign up of content."

"Visitors get to select the content (news, events, vacancies) they sign up for and choose to receive daily or weekly email alerts."

"The benefit being a more personal experience for the user and an efficient way of pushing out fresh content automatically saving content publishers and web editors time reduplicating copy."