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With the product catalogue, you can create detailed, bespoke catalogues, including with video, downloadable materials and descriptions.

This module allows you to create detailed product catalogues, including images, video, downloadable materials and descriptions.

Users can choose to either buy their products immediately or contact you for a quote. All order records are stored in River, so all management of orders can be completed within the system.

River can also be integrated with major payment providers, making it easy to process orders using Paypal or any other service.

To improve the organisation of your catalogue, products can placed in multiple categories. A product search function also means customers can find the products they're looking for without any hassle.

Links to associated products can be included to encourage cross-selling and upselling, the most popular products and products other people have looked at can also be featured.

  • Product reviews and submission of reviews: include customer reviews to encourage more sales on your website.
  • Product options and variants: feature different versions of products in just a few clicks.
  • Search-engine friendly content: all descriptions can be optimsied for search engines with the correct tagging.
  • Product search: allow customers to find products easily with the catologue search tool.
  • Order histories: see all of your historical orders at a glance through the straightforward River interface.

"The product catalogue is a powerful, yet simple to use. It’s wide variety of product attributes and shipping options coupled with the ability to add your own bespoke attributes to the product details makes it an ideal solution for displaying products or services."

"The feature rich product catalogue has all you need to support a large eCommerce store with thousands of product or a couple of services you might want to supply."

"The product catalogue can also be linked with a host of other modules that will heighten the shopping experience for the end user, and with an unlimited number of products you can grow your offering without no barriers holding you back."