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The power navigation module helps to increase the visibility of second and third-level pages; for example, jobs, press packs and legals. 

The power navigation module allows you to create page links in the footer of your website. This helps to increase the visibility of second and third-level pages. For example, jobs, press packs and legals. During setup, you can choose up to four columns of links.

Links at the footer of web pages can also help to improve the search engine ranking of specific pages. By introducing this module, you can raise your profile on Google.

Power navigation can also be used to link to external websites, affiliate websites. This level of customisation allows you to update your website with ease and give prominence to new web pages in a matter of minutes.

  • Enable easier navigation: quick links at the footer of pages make it easier for visitors to locate what they're looking for.
  • Boost SEO with external links: placing external links on the bottom of web pages can help to improve visibility in search engines.
  • Change links with ease: recently undergone a change in strategy? Links can be altered quickly and efficiently to adapt to changes.

"Power navigation is a module designed to provide simple customization of a user’s route through your site. By just filling a few text boxes, a fully functional region can be added to a page, allowing easy access to all of your important content." 

"Power navigations provides an easy, non-technical means of changing which areas of your site the end users are drawn towards, all while increasing your visibility to search engines." 

"Whether you want to promote your social media details or direct towards a site map, contact information or jobs, power navigation gives you the control."