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The Competitions module is an innovative way to engage users while gathering customer data for remarketing, profiling and analysis.

Everyone loves winning things, which is why the River Competitions module could be so beneficial for your website. It can also help to gather customer data for remarketing, profiling and analysis.

Competitions can be used to engage existing visitors and attract new ones. The River Competitions module makes it easy for brands to introduce competitions reflecting their personality and style.

What's more, River makes it easy for competitions to be altered, so new versions can be added at any point. With this module, it is easy to create seasonal or topical competitions and share them through social media to increase engagement.

  • Themed competitions: Change the header, footer and body of your competition to suit your theme.
  • Update competitions frequently: Create topical competitions to maximise potential engagement on social media and other channels.
  • Capture customer data: River makes it easy to find out where users found the quiz, which will help to inform marketing strategies.
  • Easily view results and identify winners: All competition entries are stored in River. This data can be exported into CSV files to use in future marketing campaigns.

"Competitions are particularly good ways to collect information about who your customers are and to build your emailing databases."

"You can use both online and offline marketing techniques to drive traffic to your competitions. If carefully constructed this can give valuable insight on demographics and psychographic client/web user data."

"It’s an easy to use module that if designed with care and combined with an awareness campaign can generate insight and value. Of course don’t forget to tag up with analytics code so you can track the success of your marketing!"