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With Polls, websites give visitors a chance to have their own say in a topic and encourage people to make return visits.

Interaction is vital in order for websites to engage visitors and encourage people to make return visits. By introducing polls, websites give visitors a chance to have their own say in a topic and can be useful for gauging opinion on business matters.

Are you unsure if there will be sufficient demand for your latest product idea, or perhaps you want opinions on a planned development? A poll is a highly efficient way of collecting feedback from your audience.

Thanks to River, it is easy to introduce polls to a website and track results. All of the entries are tracked in the software and can be easily viewed to inform business decisions. Polls can be edited in just a few clicks. This means you could run monthly, weekly or daily polls and show the results on your website to illustrate to visitors that their opinions are being noticed.

  • Create polls quickly: Increase engagement by creating polls for your website in a matter of minutes.
  • Assess results in pie charts and graphs: Quickly identify the popular opinion of your visitors with automatically generated statistics.
  • Quickly find and update polls: Find previous polls in seconds by searching for key terms and make any necessary amendments.

"Within seconds you can create quick, fun, interactive poll to engage your whole website community." 

"They can easily be customised to create a fun tone, informative depending on target audiences." 

"Users cannot only add their personal to a discussion, but view that of others. It's a great way to help your customers and clients make a difference to your web community."