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Order management allows you to track eCommerce orders for your website, and offers peace of mind and flexibility for your audience.

eCommerce websites are flooded with high numbers of orders and managing them can be a tricky task.

Thanks to the River orders module, you don't need to worry about huge spreadsheets. All orders are stored on the system, making it easy for you to identify items that are selling well and alter marketing plans accordingly.

Data can also be categorised in just a few clicks. This makes it easy for you to track and analyse orders on a regular basis.

The export option means all data can be safely downloaded and stored for further analysis away from the CMS.

This is one of the core modules included in e-commerce.

  • Track and organise orders with ease: all orders are archived in the system for easy tracking and analysis.
  • Export data: want to share order statistics in a meeting? Simply export files to draw more conclusions from the data.
  • Organise orders: ensure your data is organised and easy to understand by setting different categories.

"What’s great about the order management module is that you can have all your product data in one place, so product information/ pricing  and all order history."


"Order management quickly lets you see a snapshot of all orders, payment status and customer contact details with the ability to search through advanced filter."


"The order management module segments order information into specific categories that allow the administrator to easily access detailed order information, delivery, and any additional purchase notes."