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The special offers module can help promote your brand effectively, vital for businesses wishing grab the attention of the right audience.

eCommerce websites need to advertise their offers in appealing and engaging ways. There are millions of shops online, which is why promoting special offers effectively is absolutely paramount in order to grab the attention of the right audience.

The special offers module in River enables efficient administration of product special offers. A number of offer types and values can be defined and applied to products, making it easy to update and remove offers.

With River, changing prices and updating online catalogues only takes a matter of minutes.

  • Promote product discounts: allow your discounted items to stand out on your website in just a few clicks.
  • Site-wide discounts.
  • Special offer durations: set the time and date when your special offer stops.
  • Save time: updating special offers is a simple task. Change the offers on your site and let the platform do the hard work.
  • Tracking and analysis: find out which special offers are proving popular and easily make changes to deals that aren't attracting buyers.

"The special offers feature allows you to apply a particular offer such as money off, a percentage discount or free delivery on a specific product."

"You can apply offers to associated products, for example, if the product you’re selling has many associated accessories that are sold separately, you may want to apply a discount to those accessories at the time of the customers original purchase."