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The live chat module is a great way of offering support to your users. It helps engage and connect with an audience, offering help on demand.


Live chat is a device of growing popularity for businesses whose primary intent is to deal directly with the public. Available for use by consumer sites, technical support, schools, membership organisations and many more.

It's a great way of connecting with clients, customers or users because it offers a personal touch. It is proven to have an excellent user-satisfaction rate, as you and your company are seen to be hands on and eager to help.

The chat is visible for all web visitors, if no representative is available the customer will be notified and the message will be sent to a global inbox.

  • Profile image and user ID for each representative
  • Through the live support dashboard you can quickly see when a visitor has been active on the website 
  • You can identify if a visitor is currently talking with one of your team 
  • Can handle an unlimited number of representatives 
  • Accessible via a default password defined during the set up of the module

"Why not step up your support with our live chat module? Communicate in real-time with your users as they browse your site; see which pages they are accessing and which page they have come from."

"The live chat module allows you to react to customer and client queries as soon as possible. It's a useful way of ensuring you're maintaining a dialogue with your site users, but it's less intrusive and time consuming than direct mail."

"Using our handy live chat agent area you will be able to manage multiple conversations with different users and engage users in chat at will."