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Listings ensure information is presented in an organised format, vital for maintaining customer engagement opportunities.

Websites are capable of hosting enormous amounts of content. The information must be presented in an organised format, or you'll risk missing out on vital engagement opportunities.

With our River Directory module, it is easy to introduce large amounts of information in a clear, visually-pleasing style. The feature enables the development of tidy, easy-to-digest webpages that keep visitors on your site for longer.

Our fantastic software ensures a wide variety of layouts to choose from and these will be presented consistently across your site.

Whether you want to create a catalogue of jobs, members, suppliers, or projects, all forms of information can be presented beautifully using the directory module.

  • Set content to be approved: Streamline the content generation process by setting up approvals for all new content. Update your website faster than ever before.
  •  Import large amounts of data: Data can be imported quickly and smoothly to save time.
  • Incredibly flexible: Ask our team for information on how the listings module could boost engagement. It's been used by our clients in a variety of creative ways.

“The Listings module is possibly River’s most flexible tool.”

“It can be set up with custom fields to create a dynamic structure for storing a wide range of information. It can be used to power complex pages such as a member directory, document library or even team pages.”

“Entries can be searched and filtered to provide the user with a powerful way of finding the information they need.”