News Media Association: Power of News campaign


The nature of the News Media Association’s work means that they have to keep content fresh and up-to-date at all times, while also being innovative and finding different ways to market to their audience.


We worked with the News Media Association to create supporting digital content for an industry report they commissioned through Delloite. The report was intended for senior MPs, Ministers and influential persons in the UK to highlight the benefits newspaper brands bring to the UK economy. Therefore it was of paramount importance that the design and content portray an air of gravitas.


We developed creative case studies, a new landing page and a facts and figures page on the website which needed to be both sophisticated and engaging. These coincided with an offline campaign. We designed an A4 leaflet to be given out as part of their larger campaign. It was integral that the offline and online marketing materials fit together harmoniously, which is a huge benefit to using an agency to facilitate campaigns of this nature.


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